The Future Unplugged As a business leader how do you design your ESG agenda? What criteria do you use when allocating capital for innovation? How are you improving the quality of information given to your Board? How can you migrate your investment portfolio to better align with changing shareholder mores? What changes will you implement as we recover from Covid-19? How can you be sure these are your best options? These questions, and others like them, are easily addressed if you can sense and precisely make sense of what is emerging in your world that matters, develop insights from that data, and craft strategies that are designed to work best in those conditions. Your Personal Virtual Futurist [PVF] Flexible, easy access to the most accurate strategic foresight practitioners. No upfront fees. No lengthy delays when responding to urgent issues. No exorbitant ongoing payments or contracts. Your personal virtual futurist is on-call when you need them, to help you: - Make sense of patterns and weak signals that could potentially disrupt your business - Furnish yourself with strategic intelligence updates to keep you on the front foot - Answer specific questions about changing business conditions. Talk to us about any uncertainty troubling you. Take away valuable advice you are unlikely to get elsewhere. Call one of our PVFs now or send a message to organize a time to talk.

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