FIRST, take a deep breath. Thank you for reaching out. I want to assure you that the challenge you are facing right now, together we'll overcome it. - Are feeling deflated, overwhelmed or exhausted? - Have you tried different approaches and are still at a loss? - Are you finding techniques which worked in the past, no longer work or escalate the situation? - Do you wish there was such a thing as a 'Magic Wand'? My approach is to help you develop a better understanding of WHY children do what they do. It's about providing reliable, proven methods for getting the family dynamics back to where you want it to be. It is not a 'one-size-fits-all' it's about focusing on what needs to change and to transfer the skills required, and impart clear strategy to get you and your family living the type of life you know you deserve. My Bio below will provide you with an insight into my parenting influences, beliefs and philosophies. Send a message to receive the parenting support you need today.

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