Frequently asked questions


What qualifications, experience or knowledge do I require to become a Sage?

Sages need to be ‘experts’ within the domain they represent and have excellent communications skills. ‘Expertise’ can include relevant qualifications, extensive and demonstrated domain experience, or a consensus by relevant peers that the Sage brings particular value to the platform.

How do I apply to become a Sage?

You can contact either directly or a Association (see below). develops partnerships with Associations to help identify the most experienced and knowledgable Sages within a particular domain. Sages are required to demonstrate that they have the required qualifications, experience or credentials before they are approved.

What do I need to complete my Sage Profile?

As first impressions are everything, you need a great photo! Your profile photo should be high-resolution and in portrait style, and conform as much as possible to the following guidelines:

  1. Photo format should be .jpg or .png. An image size of 1,200 x 1,500 pixels will be ideal, similar sized images will also be accepted.
  2. Photos should show your head and torso and not cut off the top of your head or side of your shoulders.
  3. A natural looking background, such as outdoors, usually provides the best results. Studio shots should preferably use a neutral background.

You also require a well-written profile description. Profile descriptions are divided into two sections: a profile summary, and an extended description. The profile summary must be 120 words or less, and should be a concise summary of what you do and your general availability. It should summarize why and when a Seeker might want to talk to you.

The extended description can be up to 1000 words, and include information about your expertise and experience, qualifications and specialty knowledge. regularly reviews Sage profiles and, if required, we will contact you directly to ensure your profile is as impressive as possible.

Will I be rated by Seekers?

Yes. Seekers are asked to rate their conversation with a Sage and leave a comment about their experience. An averaged rating, as well as Seeker comments, will be included on a Sage’s profile.

We acknowledge that for some Sages, such as counsellors or other professional consultants, ratings and comments on their profile page might be inappropriate. Sages in this position should contact us to request that ratings and comments be excluded from their profiles.

Is responsible for advice provided by me or any other Sage?

No. While takes all reasonable steps to ensure Sages are who they claim to be, and possess the experience and/or knowledge they claim to have, ultimately the Sage is solely responsible for the conversation they have with a Seeker.

What advice or information can’t I share on

We exclude Sages giving advice or information in the following areas: investment advice or credit counseling; fortune telling; gambling advice; pharmacy referral services; pseudo pharmaceuticals advice; sexually-oriented or pornographic advice; the promotion of extremist or offensive political, racial or religious views or beliefs; promotion or endorsement of illegal activities in any country operates in; and any advice or information that breaches copyright, trademark or trade secrets of any third party.


How do I become a Seeker?

Simple – the first time you either message or initiate a conversation with a Sage, you will be guided through a brief sign-up procedure. If you’re simply messaging a Sage, you can skip entering your payment details until your first conversation.

Once you’re a Seeker, you can access your message and conversation history any time you like.

How do I determine if a particular Sage is right for me?

If a Sage’s profile appeals to you, but you aren’t quite sure if they are exactly who you’re looking for, you can message them for more information.

(Please note that this doesn’t mean that a Seeker should get into a prolonged message exchange with a Sage. Sages expect no more than one or two messages to determine if they are the right fit for you.)

Messaging can also be used to organize a suitable time for you both.

What can I do if I feel a Sage is less qualified than they stated?

Seekers are asked to both rate and comment on their conversations with Sages. If you believe that a Sage is not as qualified or knowledgeable as they claim to be, let us know and we will look into it.


What is an Association?

Associations are umbrella entities on the platform that aggregate and market two or more Sages in the domain they represent. Associations can range from legally registered associations or companies to individual curators with specific expertise in a domain. However, all Associations must be registered entities of one sort or another, and must have a physical address (not displayed to the public) and a logo (which will be included on any Sage’s profile page who is affiliated with that Association).

Associations are created and managed by one or more Association administrators. Association administrators can invite and approve Sages to affiliate with their Association. Associations can then market these grouped Sages within a single profile page. reduces its commission for all Sages affiliated with an Association by 5% (in recognition that Associations perform vetting and marketing work that would otherwise have to undertake). However, Associations can determine how much of a conversation’s remaining revenue is paid to the Sage and how much is paid to the Association. This can range from 0 to 100% (if Sages are paid a salary by the Association, for example).

Note: It will be clearly stated in a Sage’s dashboard how much revenue the Sage receives and how much the Association receives.

How does an Association become registered on

Associations must be approved by before they can join the platform. Associations are usually invited to join the platform by or recommended by other Associations, but they can also apply to directly.

Like Sages, Association administrators are required to demonstrate that they have the necessary qualifications, experience or credentials before their Association is approved. Associations are responsible for ensuring their Sages have strong domain knowledge, relevant qualifications, and good communication skills.

Payments and Commissions

How are Sages paid? uses Stripe to process all transactions between a Sage and a Seeker. As per the current policies and procedures of Stripe, a Sage is usually paid within three days of each conversation.

How are Associations paid? uses Stripe to process all transactions between a Seeker and an Association. When a Seeker pays for an Association-affiliated Sage, their credit card is debited twice: once for the Sage component, and once for the Association component (the total of these two transactions equalling the total cost of the conversation). As per the current policies and procedures of Stripe, an Association is usually paid within three days of each conversation of an affiliated Sage.

Why do Sages state their fee per 10 minutes?

We believe 10 minutes is a reasonable minimum time period for a meaningful conversation to take place, so a Seeker will always pay the 10-minute fee determined by the Sage (unless the Conversation is cut short by the Sage). If a Conversation extends beyond 10 minutes (and we hope that our Sages are engaging enough that most will), the Seeker is charged pro rata in one minute intervals. For example, if a Sage charges $10 per 10 minutes, and the Conversation goes for 14 minutes, then the total charge will be $14. (If the Conversation is 14 minutes and 29 seconds, then it is charged at $14. If it’s 14 minutes and 30 seconds, then it is charged at $15.)

What fees does charge and what is it used for?

We charge a Service Fee which we use to market and promote our Sages and Associations, ensure secure transactions and develop exciting new features.

Our current Service Fee is 20% for early adopters (for a limited time). This commission can be reduced further to 12.5% based on a Sage’s turnover and/or referrals leading to new Sages joining the platform. The Service Fee can be reduced further if a Sage has particularly high turnover (on a case-by-case basis).


What happens if I feel abused during a conversation?

Seekers and Sages are required to abide by’s Terms of Service, which include not using offensive or abusive language during a conversation. When a conversation ends, both the Sage and the Seeker can register a complaint within the ratings panel. will then investigate the complaint and take any appropriate action, including the option of removing a Sage or Seeker from the platform.

What happens if I experience technical difficulties during a conversation? endeavours to provide an audio/video experience of the highest quality. When a Seeker initiates a conversation with a Sage, the platform checks the bandwidth connections of both the Seeker and the Sage. If the bandwidth quality is below par, both parties will be notified that the conversation cannot proceed.

Occasionally, the platform may determine the bandwidth has sufficient quality for audio, but not video. The Seeker will then be given the option of proceeding with the conversation (at the same rate) with audio only, or they may elect to end the call.

If a conversation does not proceed due to bandwidth or other technical issues, the Seeker will not be charged and the Sage will not receive payment. If bandwidth issues occur during a conversation, will endevour to identify if the issue is on the Sage or Seeker side of the connection. If bandwidth is insufficient on the Sage-side of the connection, then the Sage might forfeit their fee. If the bandwidth is insufficient on the Seeker-side of the connection, then the Seeker will be charged for the first 10 minutes of the conversation, and any additional minutes where the connection was still deemed adequate.

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