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Our mission is to unlock the knowledge you’ve acquired over many years and help you earn income by sharing it with the world

Join and become part of a diverse community of experts spanning many specialist domains. And best of all, people seeking your knowledge will know exactly where to find you. Sages include experts in virtually any domain, from consultants and counselors to educators and engineers, and is particularly suited to semi-retired experts who wish to continue offering their advice when they want, from where they want.


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We work closely with all our Sages to make sure they are fully supported and suited to the platform. Contact us, and we’ll email you a link to get you started.


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Your profile captures the story behind your expertise and your passion for sharing knowledge. We’ll help you make it great - and we’ll help you share it with the world.


Get paid for a conversation

We make the payment process really easy. You get paid the moment you answer the call - no need to invoice. Payments can be tracked in your dashboard.

The 10-minute consultation

Not every Seeker needs a full hour of your time – there’s a whole new market for a quick answer to a quick question. With no travelling time and the ability to work from anywhere, Sages can take advantage of our 10-minute minimum to pursue a whole new market.

Instant advice – or schedule for later

Decide when Seekers can call you with the ‘Available Now’ switch. It makes you instantly available - perfect for people searching for an answer straight away.

Or use our free message service to schedule a time to suit you both.

Business Pages –
Group your Sages into a powerful collective

Put all your experts on a single business page – perfect for bricks-and-mortar consultation businesses wanting to go digital. Business Pages can be also be used by associations, clubs or not-for-profits – any organization that wants to market their Sages on a single profile page.

How Business Pages work

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Applying to become a Sage is easy. Simply provide your name, email, and a brief description of your expertise using the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss further.

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