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We work closely with all our Sages to make sure they are fully supported and suited to the platform. Contact us, and we’ll email you a link to get you started.


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Your profile captures the story behind your expertise and your passion for sharing knowledge. We’ll help you make it great - and we’ll help you share it with the world.


Get paid for a conversation

We make the payment process really easy. You get paid the moment you answer the call - no need to invoice. Payments can then be tracked in your dashboard.


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Your profile is all anyone needs to have a paid conversation with you. Instantly share your profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the click of a button, or use your personal profile link (e.g. for e-lists, blogs, articles – whatever channels you can think of.


Versatility – the heart of our platform

The 10-minute consultation

Not every Seeker needs a full hour of your time – there’s a whole new market for the quick expert answer to the quick question. With no travelling time and the ability to work from anywhere, Sages can take advantage of our 10-minute minimum to go after a whole new market.

Instant advice – or schedule for later

Decide when Seekers can call you with the ‘Available Now’ switch. It makes you instantly available - perfect for people searching for an answer straight away.

Or use Messaging to schedule a time to suit you both.

Associations –
Sages are grouped into a powerful collective

Associations are groups of Sages with similar areas of expertise, all within a single profile. Associations are created by existing organizations, such as companies, registered associations, clubs or partnerships. They can also be created by ‘curators’ – people with specialized domain knowledge who can use their networks to attract great Sages to the platform.

Apply to become a Sage

Applying to become a Sage is easy. Simply provide your name, email, and a brief description of your expertise using the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss further.

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