How it works

On, people looking for advice or expertise (our Seekers) can find experts (our Sages), talk to them online, and only pay for the time they need.

Find an expert

Our Sages can be found in many ways: through professional networks, on company websites, blogs and social media. Look for Sages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and email.


It costs nothing to message a Sage to see if they're right for you or to arrange a time to talk. If a Sage is 'Available Now' you can skip the message and talk with them straight away.

Pay only for the time you need is designed to make short conversations possible. Sometimes you just need 15 minutes, not an hour. After a 10-minute minimum, conversations are charged by the minute and paid for by credit card.


High-quality video technology allows clear, informative conversations between a Seeker and a Sage, ensuring questions are answered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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How it Works for Sages

People worth talking to.