My 50 years of helping people (including myself) with every manner of problem has given me the ability to get right to the heart of the matter when people need help. I have tools and skill sets to share that move people through relationship problems, personal emotional issues, family concerns, communication challenges, early-life pain, and especially repetitive difficulties like marrying three times the same (yet different) person! As a Coach, I help you assess and understand the real issue, formulate your plan, and give you the tools you'll need to execute the plan. The changes you make will be lasting. I also help people develop Emotional Mastery, which is the ability to know what particular emotions are telling you, how to partner with them to change your life, and move on. We can't get rid of emotions, but we can put them under our direction! I travel full-time in my RV in the US and Canada. I will honor times I list on this site, by parking my van on a dusty road for reception!

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