Hello and Congratulations on your baby!  I am a Newborn Care Specialist & Infant Sleep Consultant based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I am a wife and mother of 4 grown children and I am the owner and founder of Baby Newbie. My passion for newborns has helped hundreds of families over the years with hands-on care, newborn training, education and consulting. I am known for offering excellence in postpartum care due to my expertise and experience instructing, encouraging and supporting new parents. I offer no judgement support and I'm here to help you.  No question is too small.  I truly enjoy helping parents and find great value in the relationships that I have built over the years.  I believe that respect and love in all things is most important, especially when caring for children.  I am specifically trained to understand and explain the nuances of newborn babies.  I love babies and have devoted my career to them and their parents. Please reach out so I can help you, too!

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