I specialise in the field of perinatal mental health and couples therapy. My approach to mental health / relationship distress is based on providing meaningful listening and creating collaborative therapeutic conversations. Depending on your need, I will tailor a therapeutic response which will do one of two things: 1. Normalise and seek to provide immediate symptom relief – "I feel/think like this, help me not to feel/think like this" 2. Look at the underlying reasons for the symptoms – "I feel/think like this, help me understand why it is that I feel/think like this?". My philosophy is, if there is a willingness by a client to learn or to change, then together we walk the journey. Please message me for free to see if I'm the right fit for you. Or call me right away from your laptop or phone. Talk for as little as 10 minutes and then pay by the minute for as long as you need (it's free for less than 2 minutes).

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