My name is Woniya Thibeault. I've been studying and teaching ancestral skills for more than 20 years, mostly living off-grid and incorporating wild food and handmade goods from the land into my daily life. I've also spent extended time living wild, including 73 days living by myself in the arctic, hunting, gathering and trapping on History's Alone Season 6. It was a powerful test of all I've learned over 23 years of devotion to ancestral wilderness living skills, which are not just practical, but a beautiful way to connect to our human heritage and feel connected to the land around us. Just as important to me are the mental, emotional and spiritual skills of long term survival practices for connection, gratitude, curiosity, communication, positivity and reciprocity. Message me if you'd like to talk to me about wilderness skills or my time on Alone, or click here to talk to me about hide tanning, buckskin clothing or fiber arts.

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